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Epistolarian - The First Edition

Epistolarian - The First Edition

Epistolarian: One who writes letters  

Cheers is the first edition of my newsletter, The Epistolarian. I say “my” newsletter, but it’s really yours. It’s for you, and I hope you LOVE it. 

I want this newsletter to have the buttery goodness of a real letter. I should taste like a fresh cup of creamy Earl Grey and feel like sitting on a velvet couch in front of a fire, wearing your softest and coziest PJs while rain tittertatters against the windowpane outside. (Clearly living in Seattle inspires the inner epistolarian)

Seal of the Week

“L'Esperance me soutient” This French seal was created in Palais Royal in Paris in the 1820s. It translates to “hope sustains me.”

The anchor is an ancient Judeo-Christian motif, which symbolizes hope. It comes from the new testament: We have this hope, which anchors the soul, firmam et incedentem, firm and secure.(Hebrews 6:19)

The anchor became secularized over time, to symbolize hope in general. 


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