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Kathryn Hastings & Co. seeks to revive and modernize antique letter writing traditions through timeless, elegant and handmade antique wax seals and papers from around the world.

In a world of mass-production and instant gratification with a focus on convenience over conscious consumption, Kathryn Hastings & Co. offers an alternative that reminds us to take time to appreciate beauty in the everyday and cultivate human connection through mindful letter writing.

“Working with antique wax seals from the 1700s and 1800s is about so much more than just beautiful objects. I love seeing the way communication used to be imbued with meaning. Not only was everything traditionally written by hand, but small details, including the symbolism of a wax seal could communicate hidden messages to the reader. An anchor represented hope, bay leaves symbolized fidelity until death, and a ship reminded of our resilience in the highs and lows in the sea of life. I love playing with these symbolic themes while giving them a modern edge.”

— Kay Collier, Artist & Founder

Kathryn Hastings is Kay Collier’s artist name. Kay studied art history and German literature at Colorado College, and has a strong background in calligraphy, epistolary arts and painting with a focus on oil and watercolor.

An ardent antique collector, Kay uniquely focuses her artistic process on the use of antique tools, which are becoming increasingly rare in today’s modern world.